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M2M Systems Conception and realization of a data transmission system based on TCP/IP IN M2M

Over the years, human life has been greatly eased through the use of easily portable and sophisticated electronic devices, otherwise known as embedded systems. The telephone (or mobile phone) is a major proof of the importance of such electronic devices to our being. Mobile phones put aside, we also have amongst others sensors, actuators, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, machines, vehicles and industrial embedded devices.

ccording to the organization – Transparency Market Research, the world market for embedded systems stood at $121 billion in 2011 and is forecasted to reach $194 billion come 2018, a growth rate of 6.8%. This rise is due to the ever increasing demand for intelligent devices such as intelligent meters for electricity and water. Four other domains account for this high increase rate: Sports, Medicine/health, entertainment/industrial and defense domains. There is yet another concept which when considered in unison with embedded systems, produces untold results. In fact imagination can be the only limit when we talk about embedded systems and Machine To Machine (abbreviated M2M, sometimes signifying Mobile to Machine or Machine to Mobile). That said M2M is a technology used in the concept of the Internet of Things where small embedded electronic systems are connected to each other in a communication link, exchanging data and information almost autonomously or on demand.

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